Cyclists of Melbourne Unite!!

I used to be a courier back in 96 in Adelaide, back then we rode old hack track bikes cause they were easy to maintain and had few moving parts to go wrong we weren’t cool we were practicle.

I had an old Colnago Pista, which I later sold for a train ticket back to Melbourne, kinda sad I sold it but glad that I got to come back to the real world.

Fast forward to now I see that couriers have become a kind of subcultural trend Saturdays Melbourne Roobaix was a real eye opener, I saw a lot of nice single speed stuff and some not so nice stuff.

I wondered if the whole scene is really about the Bikes or is it just about being cool and in with the hip crowd.

I love my collection of Bikes, I ride My roadie in the mornings down beach road, I ride my mountain bike in the enduro events, my single speed commuter to work and my Track Bike at the track.

There is a lot of love out there in the Bicycle community and I think there can be plenty more if we all look out for each other.

There is no need to be arrogant or standoffish towards a fellow cyclist no matter what they ride (recumbants excepted ).

Don’t forget that its all about the bikes and not about being a single speeder or a courier or roadie or a poser… it’s about riding and making a better safer friendlier environment to do it in .

Keep those legs pumpin! :mrgreen:

Pretty sure most people are on the same page with that. The internet tends to make mountains out of mole hills, so it can seem like the world is split by hatred between cycling disciplines. I reckon in the real world, most people enjoy all kinds of riding and hold no real disdain for others who may not ride the same type of bike as them.

I commute on a fixed gear, hit the mountain on my hardtail, rode my road bike for longer rides (before it broke), and take my BMX beater to the bakery up the road. It’s all riding, and it’s all good!

Seemed to me it was totally about riding and having fun :slight_smile:

So do you ride at DISC? Tuesday, Thursday, other?

So do you ride at DISC? Tuesday, Thursday, other?

Perhaps I was a little pent up about one of the thread I had read earlier, I guess it was all about having fun, there was a great vibe on the day I must admit, even if I did end up looking like a drowned rat at the end of it.

I ride at Carnegie, trainging up for the Summer season, I want to get out to Disc but work late so can’t make it to the winter runs.

There was a great vibe on the day, apart from the team of douche bags on matching mountain bikes, but i believe they’ve been mentioned already in another thread…

so much fun, and yes… those guys on the matching belt drive mtb’s came across as being grand arsefucks.

How? I didn’t talk to them, or barely see them during the day. I did hear the cracking sound a few times though.

I rode with Erle and Jarod for majority of the ride, and one of Erles mates Tom was riding up the cobblestone alley after the 2nd checkpoint (name escapes me at the moment), but one of these wankers overtook tom and cut in quickly taking out toms front wheel with his back.
This sent tom sliding on the cobblestones and under a parked car (lucky it wasnt a moving one) Tom was a bit sore and had a front puncture thanks to that fall.

The rider on the mtb who made contact with tom didnt stop and just raced off to catch the rest of his mates who were a stones throw ahead of us.
As if the ride was that serious that you ride off on a ‘fellow’ rider after causing him to bin it on the cobblestones.

I just think it was a shithouse display of being a human.

Although words cannot express how much fun i had on the day, even though i ended wetter than a pair of panties at a Take That concert.

.end rant.