Cyclocross - Fixies and singlespeeds welcome

Exact Radiology Bike Week Cyclocross.
Lung-busting fun.
Fixies and singlespeeds welcome to race (must have brakes though).
See for more info.
Come for the race, stay for the beer and cow bells !


hmmmmmmmm, tempting… who else is with me in getting some 30c half knobly tyres and giving this a go?

I’m there. Going to either trick up my polo bike for it, or use my old commuter MTB.

Apparently this has been canceled. Will post updates if I can get more info. Pretty shitty as I spent Monday night building up a ghettocross for it!


I just went over there today for a practice ride

Lots of sad faces :(:(:(:frowning:

I read it on Roadgrime (I shouldn’t admit to going there should I?):

"We didn’t get enough people sign up for this, so Ipswich Cycling Club has decided to cancel.

Really very sorry, humble apologies to those who had signed up to race. For those who were waiting till the day to make a decision, also sorry, but the considerable commitment of time from the ICC guys wasn’t justified by the numbers who paid their money.

Heaps of other free Bike Week things to do still … see"

this saddens me. but as i wasnt able to attend it does mean i can start saving for the next one…

Sorry to anyone that planned to come. Also sorry to antmandan for all the hard work on the bike. We had hoped for a bigger level of interest from the cycling community, but it just wasn’t there.
I couldn’t justify to my club the amount of traveling and hard work to set up/take down the course etc.
We are still on for the Ipswich Cyclocross in July - same venue as last year. Hope to see you there.

Don’t worry mate, I never consider building a bike “work”. I’ll just have to bring it out in July. It’ll be cooler in July as well so I won’t die from heat in my carefully planned costume either.

I even had my sick day all worked out, and a special outfit.

BQ need to make it easier to register online as I am sure there would have been more show up on the day and register.

More sad faces :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:frowning:

Here’s a couple of pictures to cheer you up Brad:

And Nikcee you better be coming up with Blakey in July.

More spectators (me included) than competitors.

i’m sure hoping too!

S’pose a few more of us (eg me) should have registered early. Had actually dusted off a mountain bike and made it work again (lots of WD 40 required!) and even rode it bayside and back on Sunday as a pre-event shakedown. :frowning: