Cyclocross/Touring tyres

Hi gang,

I got some sweet advice from Blakey, but thought I’d see what other knowledge the all powerful crew could provide. I’m gonna be in a small town in South America for 5 weeks and I’m hoping to have a cross bike with me. I’ll be using it like I would a roadie, but instead of paved roads I’ll be riding the unpaved variety. My biggest concern is that I’ll be in the middle of nowhere and therefore I want a sturdy durable tyre that grips well on sandy and hard packed dirt roads. What do people think I should be riding?


Look at the SCHWALBE’s range the choice of beardy weirdo cycle tourist the world over because of there durabilty.

Yeah the Schwalbe Marathon Extreme gets a very good rep. Where are you going to be?

A town called Mahdia in Guyana.

Marathon Duremes are an excellent folding version of their touring line, last very well and ride beautifully. Have some assertiveness for unpaved roads.

  • Joel

Continental Tour Ride for a more aggressive (and much cheaper alternative) to the Duremes.

And if you run them at 30PSI I would expect them to be quite submissive.

Assertiveness?.. really?

Thanks for the tips, I’ll look into it.