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Found some nice cyclocross skills videos on youtube and thought I would start a thread. It’s from the late 90’s but is still very relevant. The bikes are cool too.


^this is supposed to be a playlist…

Today I stumbled across a “new” cyclocross site that follows Jeremy Powers through his cross seasons.

Almost everyday I go to Google and type in some type of cyclocross related query but I have never come across this video blog. The series is now into it’s second year.

I have only had a quick look but I know what I am doing with the rest of my Friday.

Behind the Barriers

That guy was a toss!

Unfortunately I have to agree - not the sort I would hang around with.

That aside there are a few good moments of racing but not enough.

J-Pow is super hilarious! I can understand why he might not be to people’s tastes but his hyper-ness is pretty infectious. you can see that a lot of the other top guys love taking the p!ss out of him for his antics.

He totally admits that he is ADD/ADHD and that if it wasnt for racing bikes he’d have been on some serious medication (or his mum would have killed him).

From many reports i’ve heard he is a really decent guy as well.

I definitely enjoyed the series with some of the interesting behind the scenes stuff and am curious if/how it will change this year with him changing to rapha-focus.

the geoff kabush mini-doco that the same filmaker is working on had a great trailer too.

a barry wicks doco would be outstanding. not only does that dude have one of the funniest voices in the US PRO circuit, but he has an excellent dry sense of humour (and way better taste in music).

Seen all of behind the barriers and still got an itch? Well Bart Wellens has his own reality tv show. Wellens & Wee. Awesome.

list:Wellens en wee - CyclingNews Forum

^ That is one of the most euro trash things I have ever seen.

Couldn’t understand a word, it’s in German or Belgiumish or Hollandish and subtitled in some equally Swedish or Dutchish language.


Where the hell is Flem?


throat or floor, depending on which stage of the process you’re at

this is a socio-political question you dont want to get into… :wink:

You now make money in Cyclo Cross racing!
Best Barriers - YouTube
this happened at a local race last weekend

Mountain Biker gets taken out by BUCK - CRAZY Footage - Only in Africa - YouTube

its not quite a barrier, but definitely a obstacle.
(I know its not strictly CX, but there didn’t seem to be an appropriate thread)

covered elsewhere…

but for all your CX video needs, you cant go past live feeds of the USGP, a bajillion post-race interviews which can get a bit controversial and are frequently hilarious thanks to his friendship with many of the racers, and decent euro highlights (with subtitles).

Nice link Nick - they even have a cool video of this mountain biker being hit by a cow or something.

You can do a lot with a GoPro and a weird model helicopter thing these days: October 2011 Candlestick Cyclocross Race # 1 - MWC Scarab Aerial Footage - YouTube

Epic triple flyover:

Interesting technique jumping barriers…

Joey’s Big Fall - Videobash

Het Meer Cross 240 fps sand pit cyclocross crashes on Vimeo

Love this.