I think I can confirm, our resident 24 hour SS nutter, mad fixie rider on and off the track has now expanded his palmares to ‘fixed cyclocross’.

Tristan, you really are a CHAMPION!!!

NICE one mate.

Good to see a look of happiness on your face!!

First time up that hill I watched Tristan try to get some traction and laughed the laugh of someone riding 2.5" tyres. Five seconds later he went past me and I stopped laughing.

Great fun. Learning to skid with a single foot and dismount/mount smoothly was entertaining.

Yep. Good clean fun. Managed to get up that hill if I missed the barriers :twisted:.

The plan is to the Kona 24 solo and fixed (sans brakes).

As for the look on my face… running sucks!

Tristan, you are 'ardcaw.

Assuming that you are going to do the Kona as fully simple as possible, are you also planning on using a candle instead of an HID for your night laps?


Rumor has it he has been eating a 6 pack of carrots each day, in preparation for night vision.

Love those bars, what are they and where do I get some?