My old road frame turned out to be a little bit unsafe. Someone offered me this frame for a good price, so I thought I should make the most of the opportunity.

Frame, Kyklos Featherweight Limited
Group, titanium super record 11
Wheels, mavic open pros, record hubs
Pedals, keo blades
Saddle, San Marco regal E
carbon bars with internal routing.

Excuse the poor batraping skills, and average photos.

was this on ebay recently?

No. This was from a friend.

is the title meant to be ‘cyclops’?

Yeah that’s what I’ve named it. Not an auto correct

Good one, Rolly, now you made it weird.

Out of control. Let me know if you want me to do your batraping next time, I don’t mind. Looks pretty good though. Actually, looks really good.

Sick bike

Thank Rhys. I’m getting better

Looks mean!

Speaking of bats, you should put one of these on it and make it the bat bike.

looks good :cool: