Cyling study - NOBRAKES, helmetless punx

So, a friend is doing a thesis and wants to interview those who ride no brakes or helmetless.

i assume she’s mostly intersted in melbourne people - details below.

just going to publicly call out kate o’c as being a prime candidate for this interview!

thanks m8

y would anyone ride without brakes???..

I just have the knuckle tatts

breaks R 4 flakes

mashing with breaks is the only way to ride:
Chakra - I Am (Wrecked Angle Mix) - YouTube

^^^ u kids are cray cray



side note: so many krishna beads and baggy jeans!

someone is doing a thesis on being a hipster?

Is there a hypothesis?

Can anyone else believe Mr. Kelly is a bonafide paedo?

I feel like I can’t even trust my own father…

well this guy sure is living up to his name