DA 10 group

any guesses what it will go for?

NOS SHIMANO DURA ACE 10 MM PITCH TRACK GROUP NO RES!!! - eBay (item 290562225413 end time May-13-11 12:24:04 PDT)

it is the cycling wmd dude selling it, along with some other rad gear

I wish that Nagasawa was included in the auction.

This guy also has the group for sale: Velorama

If I didn’t already have a DA 10 groupset I’d be all over that like flies on shit

Dura Ace 10 pitch track drive train cog, ring, cranks (eBay item 110681914047 end time 05-May-11 22:28:49 AEST) : Sporting Goods

^ Wow. $600 without the hubs.

i sadly watched a nos set of everything but hubs go for $300 3 weeks ago. kicking myself i didn’t get it.

that is a steal!!

I hope he only gets $300, just because of this line alone: I would’ve even sell this set if it wasn’t for the fact that I need cash and I already have like 4 others sitting around… Too meh.