Daccordi Pista

Here are some photos of my new ride. Finished building it about two days ago, including hand building the wheels myself and polishing the cranks + other parts.

-Daccordi pista with tange falcon headset
-Suntour superbe pro hubs to Mavic open pros, 3x rear, radial front
-Suntour superbe pro cranks with 48t suntour ring and record pista BB izumi gold chain
-MKS slyvan pedals with MKS fit A double straps
-Cinelli pista bars with cinelli 1a stem
-Thomson elite with generic concor type saddle

build with columbus tubing (had stamp on fork steer) don’t know for sure what variety but research suggests SP.

looks sick toby!

very clean build, nice work.

Columbus SL. Zeus ends. Nice bike. It was once upon a time red/burgundy and was mine.

nice! building your wheels too, good stuff

Looks good. Used to have the same paint job as my road frame, looked OK to me not sure why it got repainted.

I approve.

Just as an additional thought, Zeus track ends are sexy.

this is great dude, such a nice blue!

rad build love the forks / track dropouts

Fark, this is rad. Wishing I did radial spokes on my front wheel. Nice work!

excellent fixy!

yeah saw some pics of the original paint. Was repainted before I bought it.

Also thanks for heads up on the tubing, will order some SL stickers!

Also thanks for all the positive comments guise. It’s appreciated.

very tidy! nice work.

Yeah not 100% sure the whole bike is SL. The decal that was on the bike were these;

Columbus frame fork decals for campagnolo equip bike | eBay

nice build! like this alot

Those forks are beautiful! Nice build.

just checked out some older Daccordi catalogs, looks like they only offered SLX, SL and Cromor.

I’m gonna order SL stickers anyway, fuck it.