daccordi rAdelaide (for shorties)

Italian racing bike | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Hackham

It’s a very 3Rensho colour.

There’s one getting around Adelaide in the exact same colour except it’s about a 57cm. Looks beautiful in real life.

Yeah I’ve seen some dodgy looking character on a red one from time to time. I was staring at it going past one day until I realised he was glaring back at me with a WTF you lookin at stare. Maybe he doesn’t realise what he’s ridin?

Yeah, there’s also some cat getting round on a rainbow Kenevans with full campy. I don’t think he knows what he’s got either.

I know Mittiga / Parade Cycles had something to do with Daccordi…

Make an offer.

I tried to one day. He wasn’t interested.

I used to see this italian looking guy, and I mean 1970s New York factory working Italian looking guy, riding a really nice old road bike around Brunswick/north Carlton. I was thinking I should try and buy it, but I liked seeing him ride it. Then one day I saw him on a shitty hybrid. Bummer.