I just finished building this up for my partner, Emily. Her old roadie was too long it the top tube, which combined with a heavy back pack was starting to cause back problems. We put together a commuter for her, and then I picked this frame up some months ago at a swapmeet for $120. Some paint and a groupset later, it’s looking and riding great!

pron. good work erle!


That’s gorgeous.
What size is it?
Reason I ask is, at some time in the near future I will source a smaller roadframe to build a bike for Mr 12.
I’ve got a 4400 9 speed group to go, but wasn’t sure if crank length would be a factor on a smaller frame. Any issues or tips with regards to building a smaller bike?

Fantastique! Really can’t fault it.

awesome build:) who did the paint?

Very nice!!

Thanks guys!

justdave: Its a 53cm square and the cranks are 170’s. There is a tiny bit of toe overlap, but no more than on Em’s other bike that is running full guards. I didn’t run into any problems with the build in regards to its size.

aeroBLOKE: Paint is by Paconi.

Cheers Erle, I think, without checking that mine are 170 or 172 ish.Just curious to know. Toe overlap shouldn’t be too big an issue as he’ll just be running platforms sans clips to begin with any way.Probably be looking at a 50/52 cm to start with. floated the idea to him and told him he needs to decide vintage steel or ally/carbon.given his penchant for old school,and his love of his totaly original r20 he’ll probably go retro.

Paconi paint jobs are 2nd to none based on the quality of mine and another I’ve seen.