Dacorrdi Pista, baby blue.







I got this frame from a friend thinking it was a 56, but its a 54 :(.

Anyone know any more history about this frame? I love the look and even the colour. I think it could be something really special done up. I even like the well used look, it has history and man, if it could talk!

Pitty it will end up in the trading area after I have 25 posts.

EDIT- Thumbs not showing?

What am I doing wrong here guys?

Find the pictures image location/url. It’ll end in .jpg probably.

Copy and paste that into:

Voila! Pictures.

Thanks mate, Lazy buggers can just click the links. :smiley:

How bad is the cancer on the top tube?

Its not pretty, but I don’t think its too far gone. :slight_smile: