Dadelaide riders...?

Anyone from Adelaide that wants to ride? I know they’re out there, hell I saw a Malvern Star with no brakes yesterday at West Lakes.

I’m in the western side of the city Cheletnham / Woodville / Port Adelaide.

Hey, I’m from Adelaide. I like riding…

Careful JKL, he could be from the Family. :evil:

Don’t worry, My Sister’s a Cop.

Hey there, I ride the Malvern Star… Yeah, it’s cool to see other fixies in the area, as they seem to be pretty uncommon in our fair city much less in the western subs! As for rides, I’m in RP (just off Tapleys) and would be keen once exams are done. Till then it’s all about the books! With that said though, do feel free to message me back anytime. Cheers! :slight_smile:

Hahaha, small world.


i ride from west lakes to west beach couple times a week, along the front. more people ride in the west than i thought…

I live just off Henley beach road and I have to say I’ve never seen another fixed going down Henley beach road.

riding? what’s that? i thought this site was about neutering animals

i did a norwood to semaphore then military road to the bay run last night… was perfect even with the obligatory head wind… sweaty

ive never seen my dad ride a bike

I did city/brighton/Henley/city this morning… with a lycra clan. Was an interesting experiment, they seem to miss the beer stops though, cheaters!

did you keep up ok?

I got stuck behind a couple as they clicked down the gears on the way over the overpass in Mile End so the guy in front gapped out a bit, but besides that, yeah.

It certainly wasn’t slow at the end though, so I was working.

Think I may have surprised one or 2, had comments like “well done” etc, but my favourite was “i think the guys in board shorts should show us old guys some respect”. Was complete with U-lock, bag and core-flute mudguard!

I rode with my Dads Tuesday gathering - The Scuzzi Group. Got a bit of shit for riding brakeless. But mostly it was good vibes.

Nth Adelaide - Grange Rd - Military rd - Esplanade to Outer Harbour - Victoria Rd then Port Rd back to Nth Adel. They were pretty quick… for old fellas.

I must be invisible then!

Most of us cyclists ARE invisible to car drivers… not usually to each other… maybe you have found Wonder Woman’s plane builder? :stuck_out_tongue: