Damaged rim question

I was riding home from work the other day and took a downhill corner too fast. I locked up the back end as I can around and hit my rear wheel against a traffic island. The back end popped up and the tube popped, but somehow I didn’t stack. I checked out the damage and found my wheel now had the classic potato chip shape.

When I got home I threw it on the truing stand to fix it up. Where the biggest buckle is on the wheel I have had to tension up the drive side spoke about 50% more then the ones around it (it is at it’s limit) and backed the opposite side to almost nothing. It is pretty close to true.

My question is - has the rim suffered damage enough that it should be replaced? Or is having this wacky tension going to last?

I think it’s on the way out sorry dude, if you can get the rim again you may be able to do a rim swap and keep the spokes if you have the ability. If not if the hubs are good quality you may want to get it relaced with a new rim and spokes

Sorry just reread the truing stand bit just do a rim swap if you can.