dan appreesh.

i’m not usually one for gushing tributes, but fuck. dan shifterbikes spends 30 minutes looking over my bike the day before he goes on holiday, and then, because he doesn’t have the time to switch over the chainring himself, he gives me the tool to tighten the bolts. fucking legend. i’ve finally registered here after lurking for ages, just so i can sing his praises.

we’ve been saying here for a while that dan rocks big time.
probably one of the few people i’ll let wrench my bike apart from me :smiley:

i was all set to apreciate him yesterday but thought i should check the website before i rode to collingwood. lucky i did, he’s off for a few weeks.

You should always call him first rather than show up at the studio unannounced.

I’m telling you this for your own benefit :slight_smile:

oh, i was planning on it. i was on the xite to check his phone number. :smiley: