Dan Shifter's Bike.

This popped up on twitter:

Dans bike stolen Black frame campy record cranks, black leather saddle, vintage Mavic brakes Phil wood hubs.

Look out in the north. Black frame Phil Wood hubs campy record cranks leather saddle white shadow conspiracy pedals Stolen from Brunswick st

Keep your eyes peeled, folks. Dan’s builds are always second to none, and I know you check out nice bikes when they go past.

The phills are black slrs(have the cut outs)
also has paul brake levers and pretty sure a White industries freewheel…

Thats fucked… You kids need to get vigilante as all fuck, laying traps with baseball bats or move to eastern Sydney.
My Perkins tarck bike spends up to 14hr a day unlocked outside my work and has done so for 4 years. No one even looks twice at the dam thing…

I’ve been keeping an eye out.

Can you confirm or correct; I am assuming its a road frame with flat bar… and i’m not sure if I’m looking for alloy or carbon record cranks.

I think Dan has done a lot of good work for a lot of people here and probably deserves some active surveillance of streets and websites.

We need a picture

Is this the one or am I way off?

Where do you work?


This isn’t much, but it’s a start.

Thanks for the pics. I doubt someone with no idea would steal that… bad news when people who know nice-but-non-flashy stuff start turning on us.

In Bondi…

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

85% of Aussies are pricks.

Stupid people trip over nice bicycles, malicious people steal them.

Yeh, nah. there’s a lotta kunts out there who would nick something just cos it was presented to them. Doesn’t make them malicious, just makes them fucking dishonest and stupid. If the thief of this bike is truly malicious, their stupidity truly knows no bounds.

Not sure if locking up a bike of that type/expense is the smartest thing to do to be honest.