DANGER - The Wiggles

Let me tell you a story. Everyday I have to ride past Rod Laver on my way to work rain, hail or shine. Now I know it’s going to be a bad start to my day when I get to Punt rd and see the rest of Swan st block with SUV’s. This can only mean one thing - The Wiggles or Dora the Explorer etc. These drivers are the worst and I’ll be very lucky to get through this alive. X5’s on a mission to get their snotty nose little Jonny to see the skivies first.

Anyway, today a Kluger does a kamikazi U turn right in front of me and nearly takes me out. I ride up and tap on the window and kindly point out I was riding in a bike lane but am met with a torrent of abuse from the wife. Now things really get interesting when I tell the dude to ‘put his dog on it’s leash and maybe he should drive a little better with 6 ruggers in the tractor’. He drives straight at me and I have to bunny hope onto the kerb but can still hear him coming. I was saved by the jam.

So, have a nice day and stay away from the tennis centre. They’re playing 3 shows a day I hear. :evil:

looks like I’ve got something to look forward to tomorrow, might have to keep my D-lock nice n close or maybe wear a brightly coloured skivvy.

“for everytime i hear them say
get the fuck out of the way
i will defend my right of way
that heap of steel i’m gonna slay
i’ll thrash you i’ll bash you
i’ll kick in your doors
break out your windows
and scratch your paint
apologize for oil wars
apologize for polluting my air
in some cases cars are ok
but when i’m on the street
you’re all my enemies”