Danish Reelights... anyone tried?

came across a month or so ago the Danish Reelights… http://www.reelight.com/ … which work with something like magnetic induction to supply the power to the LEDs… looked rather neat and without having to either be buying batteries all the time or remember to recharge them, thought they looked like they would be a good idea… does anyone ahve any experience with them?

Yeah, I used them when I was in Denmark. I am not sure if I used the same brand but my ones worked really well - in many cases better than mounted lights - they are always going and you can’t forget them!
The only problem is that they are always mounted, and people would steal parts, but given that no-one here uses them that shouldn’t be a problem.

thought that may have been an issue with them as they say you need a screwdriver and spanner to put them on… so not exactly something you can whip off and put into the crumpler… wonder if could modify the fixings to make them quick release??

yes I have some and they work great, love the no batteries, only problem is being bolted to the axle they are quite a bit lower than driver eyeball height.

did you buy them here in Oz or direct from Reelights in Denmark?.. and which model did you get… always flashing when moving (100)… always flashing with couple minutes when not moving (120)… always on when moving (150) ???

Yeah, everybody uses them here (I live in Copenhagen). I don’t like them that much - as pcbx said they are really low down. Kind of ugly too, though no lights are really attractive.

I’m thinking of getting a few sets of these – they’re really quite cool.