Danny's at it again - Imaginate

Red Bull Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate

Great stuff.

If anyone was able to have too much fun on a bike it would be him.

Also, is it just me or is he a splitting image of keith? Especially at 0:56.

I’ve been sprung, the gig’s up

it’s like he’s delivering a big “fuck you” to the physics i can comprehend

So good.

It was like Toy Story meets Premium Rush, but you know… amazing.

Yeah, its just showing me stuff I will never ever do. But amazing.

Amazing riding - creative video, you’d hope that with the budget they have.

So smooth and precise.

The Play-Doh is a nice touch.

he is actually in premium rush - the scene in the police impound near the end where the main character hops across all the cars when escaping is him doing the stunt work.

Yeti C-26 poster in the background. ntbd.

Yeah, I knew that. This had a better storyline though.

this is worth watching for the scenery alone, not to mention the bullshit he does on the bike.


apologies if this has been posted elsewhere, search revealed little.

MTB video thread, IIRC

thought it would’ve been somewhere already, hence the thread dig rather than a new one. tooslowrolly.