das boot

joe banks stainless jump frame with bmx+disc dropouts, joe banks ti track fork threaded, king 1 8th grip nut, gramo cinelli pista quil, scandium/ti laminate rizer bar, green phil kiss off disc fixed, hope ti mono6, custom drilled 20 hole green phil kissoff/ti dt swiss/mavic carbon cosmic replacement rim, 165 profile junior cranks, goldtec platform peddles custom drilled/ christofff steel cage/campagnolo double strap, gommitalia green silk clinchers, vintage profile 53 ti widowmaker anodized green, hand polised green anodised king 19 tooth cog, isumi v chain, ti use alien pillar/ green ti profesional (hand cut and tied) brooks

For extra points, use a smaller seatpost with a shim. Saves 10’s of grams!

I’d been wondering who was behind the name and found out on the weekend thanks to Pete (I can never seem to make 1 + 1 equal 2).

That reads like a coordinated and lust inducing machine.