date night

woot - kid free and on the town this saturday.

Need somewhere northcote-centric to take my lady friend, MUST be gluten free friendly, MUST have cocktails and MUST be within a couple blocks walk of public transport.

Rice Queen on brunswick street has been a bit of a fav in the past but it’s time to try new places. Suggestions along those lines would be awesome!

I went to Little Henri at the end of last year when they started doing dinner on Fri/Sat. Was quality. Dunno about cocktails or GF though.

Have you been to Rumi on Lygon St? I love that place. I’ve never been there with anyone who has Celiacs tho’. You could give them a call during the day and speak with the kitchen - they’d give you the low down if was yay or nay.

Man I miss the food in Melbourne :frowning:

The other place that I love is the City Wine Shop (next to the European). Amazing wines and good food.

My wife loves Rumi. I’ve never been. Good suggestion.

skip the cocktails, go get messina, drive up the boulie, sit on a bench, eat icecream, take in the view, make eyes at each other.

^this but plus pizza

Throw tacks on the ground.


Pretty chilly for ice cream and a bench on the boulie eh…

Tom Phat on Sydney Rd for cocktails?

Or or or cocktails at the Panama Dining Room upstairs from Rice Queen. Don’t know where I’d go after that tho’.

EDIT: They do food too, but never eaten there. Great spot. Good views out over the city.

Fonda - yummy mexican food, GC and cocktails. Nothing flash.
Chapel st, Swan st or Flinder Lane.

^Fonda is decidedly pedestrian, sorry - for a mum and dad out for one special night the bar must be set a bit higher.

If you can get in I’d go Saint Crispin

+1 for Rumi, although I reckon Abla’s on Elgin is even better. Don’t think either do cocktails though.

Dice, Rice Queen isn’t under Panama anymore, it’s moved to where St Jude’s was on Brunny.

I reckon Easy Tiger is one of the best meals in Melbourne. $75 per head for the banquet. Not sure if they do cocktails but you could start at Panama then wander down to Easy Tiger. Would be a tres spesh night.

Albert St Food & Wine for dinner, then cab to Kitty Somerset in Thornbury for cocktails or The Estelle in Northcote if they do drinks without dinner…? Or Palominos? or The Alderman on Lygon?

all of the options.

actually, just go to Albert St, it fits the bill on all counts except the Northcote centric bit (but just cab it home)

For the love of pizza (one of the best GF pizza’s in melb btw) followed by a paddlepop for the pet monkey on the way home is one of our family nights.

Tom Phat/bar Phat is looking damn fine.

Cheers for all the suggestions, I’m so far out of the loop its not funny these days.

pretty sure i said Albert Street Food & Wine.

weird… :wink:

Hey good one Rolly. Albert St Food and Wine is Ace for this job. Book early though .