Dave Marsh?

Is there even such a frame builder? Bloody wanker on ebay scammed me on that dave marsh track frame. I guess we all know the rules, but no feedback and too good to be true … sad.

Anyhow - if anyone is buying and the seller has a Commonwealth account “L Robertson” xxxx6512 beware !’

Balky’s mum will be sad when the bank sucks those funds back :frowning:

Give him a call…

Dave Marsh Frames
122 Manor Road
South Yorkshire
S66 7BW
Ph; 01709 813089

On another note; Mr Marsh is from england, but it looks like an italian Rossin in that ebay pic. He says its a sponsorship thing, but i find that pretty weird. Like a USA rider on a BT or something.
…and on a loooong shot…
if thats an english rider in this pic, the ebaybike is the wrong colour to be used as a team bike in that year… right?

So what happened?

I got excited, and forgot all the golden rules - bid and then did the checkout. then the seller’s profile was cancelled.

yes stupid to not know about rossin :frowning: hopefully that ken is for real!

So what are the eBay rules? I’ve never bought anything on there.

wait, so what happened? you have won the auction right? and then you deposited money and he vanished? you are able to claim compensation from the ebay fraud division. up to $300 should be easy to get back. dont give up, i hate that shit.

rogue, you’ve never bought off ebay? stay under that rock my friend. you’ll send yourself broke. :wink:


in other ebay news, ndf you have a gitane? nice.

heh… make that two, but that blue one will end up a singlespeed for my sister once i get some cheapy bits for it.

as for ebay rules:

1: don’t be a moron
2: see rule 1

i broke all three

I even had an email conference with that seller. I learned that Balky is a kitten and that the track stuff all came from a now-wayward relative.

sucks man.

  • Joel

Re: The Dave Marsh track frame, I know this is a very old thread, but I think I used to own this frame many years ago. I have been trying to track it down and would very much like to chat to you if you still have it or know who has it. I can be contacted on rockyboy65@gmail.com

Is seven years a record thread dig?

Pretty close.

i thought dave marsh played cricket in the 70’s

Nah, you’re thinking of Dennis Lillee.


dave mustaine? did he have a mustache? dennis? more mustache, less bike talk!