Dazed & Confused

Go to a (large) news-agent (like the one at Melbourne Central).

Go to the music/culture section, you know, the part with glossy ads for clothes no-one could ever afford on junkie-chic models.

Pick-up a copy of Dazed & Confused (I’m not actually advocating it’s purchase because ephemeral paper culture is evil) and not too far in you’ll find… us! Ok, so not everyone made the cut, but y’all are as attractive as a monkey?s ass with hepatitis. So maybe I’m being a little vindictive because I’m not in there and I really liked my outfit (well, not quite as much as the bows I wore the next time round).

Anyway, thanks to the guy-with-a-name-I-can-never-recall for wording me up (aka Photography dude).

What do you mean by “us”?

More details please.


Us being: pics from the first washed-out drag race along with an article, ending in a link to fixed.org.au!

I got a copy last night … nice article about fixed gear in Melbz, the photos are:

  • Dan racing with a supercommuter in the background (classic)
  • Pic of the drain from above with David, Melody, Emma, Brent, Craig, Spud and a few others whose names I don’t know (sorry)
  • Solo shot of Spud smoking
  • Emma’s rear wheel
  • and a toy jammed on a rack.

There’s a beautiful quote from Dan in the article: “It doesn’t really matter if you’re a courier or an accountant”

Thanks for the article Josh! Hope to see you at an event soon.

Would someone scan and post please

I haven’t got a scanner - but hopefully these give you an idea:

Thanks for hosting Nath.

Bloke standing next to me is Geoff, the bloke who supplied the data cable

That’s not fair to Monkeys or hepatitis

And drinking i might add. The monkey is from Thoran’s ‘monkey-bike’.

If you wanna ride your bike, fuck around, and get drunk