DC x PK RIPPER Australian Launch + alley cat

Next Thursday! The 10th! DC PK Ripper alleycat. Be there. Presented by Saint Cloud, course by Ryan G. It’s a good’un. Word on the street is there’s a brand new PK Ripper up for grabs. Get out of work early if you have to, starting shortly after 6.

Did I mention there’s no entry fee? What have you got to lose?

My wheel nuts…oh! You mean lose.

Can you add it to the calendar?

haha shit I’m a good at spelling.


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fkn work… why does everything i want to do happen on a thursday?

6pm start, little too early to make it. Damn.

The ride wont be starting dead on 6pm so if you’re close by and don’t finish work until 6; just hustle!

i be hustling.

if it starts like at 630 then i can make it… is there a fixed start time???

No fixed start time, but it’ll be around 6:30 so you’ll be fine. Meet time is 6, but by the time everyone has turned up, got registered and stuff, it’ll hit 6:30 no sweat.

Also, meet in the carpark BEHIND Saint Cloud! Don’t congregate out front of the shop.

Also, this aint no FULS-2 40km+ monster. If you do it right, you wont ride much more than 21ks.

It’ll be fun. I wish I was riding it.

this sounds like good fun. i’m in :slight_smile:

Looking forward to smashing it out!!! Beers @ pound to finish up, how good!

awsome im there :stuck_out_tongue:

Your ability to get it up if you ride around with your saddle at the angle in the flyer :stuck_out_tongue:

What tiem is the draw of the bike dont wanna miss that or will the winner be notified if not there…

fark that i was planning to hop on ur back and kick it tt style
ur loss

I might ride my bicycle in this.

pencil this jerk in.

the winner will be announced once the race has finished. probs arounds 7:30 - 8:30 @ 1000 pound bend.

Also, at the launch there will be a “best fixed gear bike competition” with 40 places. So if you have a sweet bike, bring it and win shit.