De Rosa CX Build


135mm spacing on Campagnolo hub

^ I’ll just fire up the lathe

Yep, seen it in my research, not very interested.

I think I have a plan coming together for this. For the interim I’m well on the way to having everything I need to get it running as a SSCX.

For the geared future:

Campagnolo shifters with campagnolo mechs and a shiftmate that will allow me to run a 10 speed Shimano cluster. I think this is for the best as it allows me to maintain my current stock of Campagnolo parts and interchangeability, and given that I’m going to need a new wheelset anyway, going Shimano opens up a range of both cheap and expensive possibilities with their touring and MTB hubs. The options afforded to me sticking to Campagnolo would be a set of WI Mi5 hubs which come in 135mm without disc bolts, but would be an expensive exercise. If I did want to go down this road in the future though it would just be a matter of removing the shiftmate. Thoughts?

That’ll work, but surely it’s cheaper to shelve the C rear mech and use a used shimano rear mech and no cage with an 8sp cassette (if you have 10sp C levers), or a 9sp cassette (if you have 11sp levers).

If you really want to use a shimano 10sp cassette (for pit wheel availability and stuff), you can use C11 levers and hubbub routing with a shimano mech to save buying a shiftmate.

I’ve seen it work with no shift mate,

I’ve seen it no shift too mate.

C10 shakes to C10 mech and a S10 cassette indexed for 5/6th sprocket and limits set perfectly for 1/10 means 2/9 will be a bit shit, 3/7 less shit. Not ideal at all, especially considering the way that shimergo works proper.