De Rosa

DeRosa Frameset with Cranks, Cleats & Quill Stem (eBay item 270705815253 end time 20-Feb-11 20:00:15 AEDST) : Sport
Too big for me .

This looks suspiciously like the controversial “classified” De Rosa, hmmmm…

Yep, this fucker is flipping it. What a cock. Well he paid over $700 for the complete thing so here’s hoping that he comes up short.

Sorry, what happened there?

what was so classified…?

The complete bike was being sold by another ebay seller. He had a “make an offer” with $250 max set on the auction. He was using the make an offer function as a silent auction so to speak. He would periodically update the auction with the highest bid he’d received (of which there was no proof). I offered him a reasonable amount for it but basically he didn’t accept any offers and instead re-listed the item as a standard auction. It ended up going for a bit over $700. Now it appears that someone bought the bike with the intention of parting it and flipping it.

$700 for a De Rosa frame seems reasonable, no?

Original auction

Absolutely, and I had hoped that it went to someone deserving, now it appears that it has ended up in the hands of someone who wants to make a quick buck rather than ride it.

Isn’t that the same seller that had the Chapelli listed as a ‘vintage’ track bike? Current auction, that is.

Ah I understand why you’re calling them out now.

That’s the guy. Tool.

I was pretty keen on this ride myself. When I saw he was doing this silent auction crap I reported him to the ebay police but they didn’t give a shit.

Poor de Rosa … first in the hands of a dickhead, now being offed by a wanker.

news just in : someone buys something with a view to sell it for more than they paid for it. more at 12.

lol… no one here does that !

It is a pity though.

nope, no prominent members of this forum do that for a living at all

and good luck to them if they can turn a profit doing it legitimately

its not like they are killing babies for money

is there money in that? <thinking>

i swear ive read an article where in china they cook unwanted feutus into a soup which women think will give them a higher chance of falling pregnant.

Maybe a bit topical …

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