Dean Tennant x Mind Spark


This is amazing.

This guy is well into conservation of forests… fly over everything and hit the ground every so often. Awesome vid.

Real nice

Is it a ss?

Dude…, you need to get to OPSM or sumpin. RD and cable!!!


This inspired me, so I went for a mtb this arvo,
It was rad


What is RD and cable?

Rear derailleur and cable.

oh ok…well I do wear glasses but I couldn’t see any levers on the bars etc and I thought the rd looked more like a tensioner.

Just joshin with ya brah. I actually had to pause vid and image searched the dude and his bike to be sure.

Where would the gear levers be then?
Like thumb ones near the grips or something?

It is probably 1x10 or 1x11,

10 or 11 on the rear Dayne?

Where is the lever to change gear though?

Yeah on the rear, Most new mtb’s are 2x10 freeride/downhill stuff is usually single on the front.
The new sram gear is 1x11 even for xc.

He is most likely running a grip shift.

Just paused it, Its a thumbie,

cool thanks

Its sic btw

Ps how do you get on FOA all the time when you’re a plumber/builder?

You now have avoided that question 3 times Dayne

I’m getting suspicious.

Haha im a builder but have an iphone and have been doing a lot of office work lately.