Dear Mr. Dylan ... your future car awaits you !!!

Trade in the ute … you should really consider buying this Alfa 75 “Carabinieri:cool:

I’ve seen this up close at a few car shows and it’s without doubt the coolest car you’ll get for the bucks. It’s not the much admired V6 but the twin cam, twin spark 4 cylinder is quite perky and goes well with the rear wheel drive, rear mounted transaxle = good weight distribution. More than anything it’ll draw stares and smiles wherever you go and I’m sure you’re used to that. Much cooler than a plain jane Porsche 924 :wink:

The seller’s pics on eBay are very ordinary (which is a good thing if you’re buying) and don’t show the car very well. I’d buy it but Mrs. Spirito said no, she thinks it’s cool but not something she wants parked outside the house 24/7.

ALFA ROMEO 75 Carabinieri (Italian Police Car) | eBay

Imagine that, dropped, flared guards, 255/45/15’s with mad dish, it’d be sweet!
I hear italian cars are fun to drive.
But in reality, don’t know that I’ll be getting another RWD car. I do like my ute, but ergh.

Whenever that guy leaves from the Italian car festivals in Canberra, he always has the lights flashing and the silly Italian police siren blaring. It’s awesome.

You can drive it?? It’s an Alfa we’re talking about here… :slight_smile:

Course you can. Alfa’s from this era that are on the road have long been sorted and fixed up properly, correcting all the flaws that they had when new. Also consider that there’s something like 3 or 4 cars at each wrecking yard for parts to pick from means pretty cheap motoring for those that don’t mind doing a little wrenching.

Ditto for French cars but even cheaper.

super ditto for anything commodore related, or nissan pulsars.
there is a LOT of pulsars around.

Spirito Truth # 4,739

Yeah but … To my knowledge nobody has offered to suck dick for a ride in a Nissan Pulsar. Nothing wrong with Pulsar’s but you’re a young man and these things should be heavily considered and factored into decisions you make at you’re age. Make impulsive/irrational decisions now, not when you’re old and greying.

Tsk tsk, dirty old man.

Anyway, this SVD Pulsar here, with JDM Langley kit, has made me want to drive a fwd manual like I did when I was learning to drive.
The thing is SOOOO much fun to drive!

Seriously, I know it’s just a cheap shitter my mate picked up, the spent loads of time and little money on, but the mini 'zilla is tough as nuts!

I don’t doubt that a Pulsar from that era can be made to go quick and they’re Turbo models were very popular with thieves back in the day. That day was when I was about your age or maybe a little earlier. I bought and spent lots of money on a Laser 4wd turbo and was perhaps the fastest/funnest car around at the time (without being a heavily worked rotary) until one day it was fast no more after it met with a tree, I lost my license and no insurance company would cover me anymore.

After 3 years without a car/license I started off with much older cars that were much slower, but much prettier to look at. Still a money pit with little return though.

I love laser turbos!
Maybe I’ll get a pretty, older car. But eh, time/money= 0% capacity atm

buy my rotor

I had a tweaked SSS version of that pulsar for a while (the “throb-ar”). Went like shit off a shovel, handled like on rails. Third-funnest car I’ve owned.

What was the most fun?
I am looking at pulsars. Though a datsun would be just awesome.

wouldn’t that be sick?

Buy my Volvo 360GLT for very cheap $

2L RWD rear transaxle like the alpha. great weight distribution. Heaps of fun to drive.

Plus the 2.3L turbo from the Volvo 740s just slides right in :smiley: That would make it a fun car.

My first one. The “Millenium Falcon”.

A white 1969 XT Falcon with 7" chromies, extractors and a yella terra head.

The car that made the Kessel run in under 12 parsecs

Buy that $93k 240z that’s on carsales…

A week or two ago there was a very clean, very tidy and very cheap series 4 RX-7 turbo for sale in canberra. ~$6k, reportedly under 100k km. seemed to sell within the day. It made me want one … or maybe a series 5… maybe later in the year.

I need to get off my p’s for the sake of a turbo volvo engine.
Fuck the world, I aught to just buy a ford like CC

or any light car that has decent power & you don’t give a shit about…

I’ve always liked the Volvo 360 and think they’re well designed, spacious for the size and well built. Not many around now and quite different to their other offerings available at the time.

Never has a Swedish car. Been looking at Saab’s for a while now but really happy to wait for the “right” one.

buy my AU… pleaseeeeeeee… i dont drive it due to company car/bikes… $3500 and its yours!