Death of the Tubular

So with all this modern tech going for more Aero, less rolling resistance, Wider rims, Better yaw angles.
Could this be the death of the Road tub.

The new Enve smart system has tested faster than the Tubular.

The new Specialized Turbo s works tyre has tested a higher rolling resistance to some tubs in the new 24mm
They claim this to be the greatest tyre ever (well kind of)

Specialized Bicycle Components

My question is, Will this start the demise of the Tub as we know it?

Tubeless could be the death of the tube?

How do they go on timber with 200psi in them?
Edit: Whoops, we are in the Road forum. But still. Interesting stuff.

Yeah track, CX Tubs are still the go,
MTB i would choose tubeless.
But i would not bother going tubeless on the road, Limited tyre choices, Limited rims.

no, spin will not replace convention, just as physics is no challenge to those who know better. Purist and obstinate are synonyms.

I think the big picture is the $$$$ being poured into freds who want clinchers.
These are the people who cycling as an industrie is targeting, So obviously this will be taking the greater leaps in advances.
Just as the development of hydro disc brakes will go 10x as soon as it hits the roadbike industrie as it equals sales.

Fuck carbon clinchers.

Tubeless works great at 60psi but… Is not so good at 120psi…
Only one company making shitty tires… Yea tubeless hasn’t taken off in the road world…

Carbon clincher tech is still not at a level of safeness and usability that will have them superseding tubulars any time soon…

I hope disks stay the fuck away from roadies… But it is likely that the FREDs will make them a reality

Remember too that the inner tube makes all the difference to the rolling resistance and performance of a given tire… latex tubes are the winners in this but also introduces a bunch of installation issues that make them a bit of a handful… Ohh and they pop pretty darn good when over heated… Hmm I say leave them nicely wrapped in a hand made tubbie.

It just looks wrong to me

Well maybe not wrong, just more like a cx bike than a roady
That one has shimano di and formula hydraulic. Apparently 14k, so out of range of all but the richest stkilda road supercommuters

Yeah I’m not condoning this, I agree my super record brakes are scary good.
I would also prefer to run tubs, but as far as I can see its the way there heading.

The only scary thing with carbon clinchers is the heat dispersion.

Just glued some Veloflex tubulars last night on to Ambrosio rims. That is three days of glue sniffing. You dont get that with clinchers. If I go purely to clinchers I’ll have to take up smoking again.

Let me clarify, fuck rim brake carbon clinchers.

There is some incredible carbon coming out of China right now, MTBers have never had it so good.

but 99% of people will never climb anything nasty enough for it to be an issue

Events of the past month have once again reminded us is that while technology (and pharmacology) are at the cutting edge in this sport, attitudes remain largely primative.

So MTB carbon clinchers okay?
Very tempted to try some cheap ones from China.

I assume Blakey means carbon clinchers + disc is ok.

It’s real:

Disks and carbon clinchers are a match made in heaven! Running a disk eliminates the argument that the clincher can’t handle the heat which further means that the rim weight can be reduced. You think a set of tubs are light, give it a few years and new clinchers without a braking surface will blow you mind hole!! Weight at the centre of the wheel means SFA.

Vive la revolution!!!

I’m putting discs on road bikes in the same bin as O-symetric chainrings and aero road helmets. I give no fucks if they net me a 40 watt gain, they’re ugly as fuck and I will never use them.
But, to each his own. I have Chris Kings with a stainless driveshell and HED rims. My kid will be able to ride these wheels.

To make the most of disks on the road… Your gona need softer compound tires and or suspension…
One road leads to expensive one race tires… And the other leads to MTBs… Sounds a bit like the evolution of cross bikes…

Fuck road disks on race bikes… Commuters and FREDcycles sure… Why the fuck not
Race bikes… Fuck that

^^^ Thats the New Roubaix, It lands march i think.
Its kind of a road bike/gravel grinder.
What im getting at is the companies are throwing more and more $$$$ at carbon clinchers,
They new firecrest and enve are getting pretty good from the reports.

My problem is If i get nice tubs with good tyres they may last a month.
If i put on gp4000 or similar they may be ok but those things glued to tubs is kind of pointless.

If i use them to race only and sat group rides i will need to change brake pads, Adjust brakes for new rim width.
This will suck.