Death To The Fixies.


Might have to pick one of these up from Carnival when I’m in Japan.

shit yer. that is def my next t-shirt. nice find

Anyone who missed the nineties can visit their local second-hand record store.

where did you find it? looked at the link, doesn’t seem to work…neeeed shirt…neeeeeed to relive the nineties(in that shirt)

I found it on Pedal Consumption and also saw it on Tracko. The link I put in did work for me…

That’s Pedal Consumption and Tracko.

This post is brought to you by the Department of Uncontrollable Typo Correction


That’s what I get for trying to do stuff fast at work.

saw someone with the actual “death to the pixies” shirt today, thought of this thread and LOLed under my breath

shit guys cant find it on that link… i need help . obvious direct help…have pay-pal need sssshhhhiiiirrrttt.