Deathly Hallows

Anyone else a potter fan?

Read the book?

Reading the book?

Personally I liked the latest installment. A little slow and frustrating in the early stages but awesome once it gets going. Not quite how I expected it to turn out but not far off.


Harry Potter can get fucked.

Ok then…

So I think we’ve established that snowflake’s NOT a fan.

i am.
went out and boughtt a copy on saturday for 25% off and started it this morning.
good so far.

Just finished it then. I had misgivings about the whole thing being wrapped up in one just one book, but they were proved groundless, the ending was well done without too much cheese and it didnt feel like a rush job.

fuck the haters.

I still have to get around to reading the previous book I think. I’m a little confused as to where I’m up to, given that I’m not a rabid fan and it’s been a while since I’ve read one.

Hagrid dies.


spud, you are a legend!

Bollocks, I know for a fact he has all of the books in a limited edition collectors series and he has read them all. I also know that this year he is getting a HP cake for his birthday.