Debate about BOTY

Rules may be rules but…

All the seriously hot BOTY’s

All live in the roadie forum…

The nominations are…

Although Duncan you need a build thred and better pictures…
In the flesh this thing is amazing!

I mean wow!!

And he made the god dam frame with his own greasy paws!

Hybrid roadie with rizors gone right for once!

Again pretty amazing peice of work for all the right reasons

“yea pussy”

This one is going to be hard to top no matter how you look at it!

And whether you like it or not at 5.5kgs this is one hell of bike

Hence why we need categories, respectively

Best Retro/Modern
Best DIY
Best Aussie
Best Euro
Bestus Maximus
The Spizza Award
Best Weight Weenie

think that should cover it? =D

When only about 60 people have voted for fixed bikes on a FIXED forum, I don’t think there is a need for any other categories…

This is the first time I’ve looked in this section in the last 6 months, there are others I have never looked in…
Bet I not the only one.

I think it’s officially a ‘bike forum’ these days not so much a ‘fixed forum’

There’s a whole roadie sub-forum, right? Why not just ask to have a ROTY award there?

I think 98% of the people on here look in the Post Your Ride section. It’s the only section you need to view to vote.

The reason we have best FIXED bike is because it’s Fixed Gear Australia | News, photo gallery and forum for Australian fixed gear riders.… Well that’s the way I see it.

PS: Voting for your own bike is a bit well…

I haven’t voted for any thing. My suggestions are nominations :wink:
Maybe I’ll start a ROTY thread when I get home from work…

Best fixed gear bike of the year, in this post your ride thread, and I guess someone could start best roadie in the Road Bike thread… but IMO categories take away from the prestige that is FOA BOTY!

Someone’s a little hard done by cos their pricey 11s ain’t gettin the recognition? 30 odd pages should do the ego justice no? Throw it up on WW BOTY but I’m with Zoltan and coffee, not enough people and throwing you’re own bike up for nomination is a bit…mmmm and yeah we still type in that’s why we all came here and that’s why we stay, sure we ride other bikes but I come here mainly for a fixed feast.

I like that we are having a debate about boty.

There are other forums for other bikes. Rotorburn, BNA etc, this is FIXED.ORG.AU and BOTY should be FIXED as a result. Everything else is just for kicks.

I’m voting for Horatio’s Rocky Mountain:

Easily my fave bike of the year (and I ain’t a mtb’er or anything. Just reckon it’s the best thing I saw on here all year.)

[edit] Wait, so we actually can’t vote for our fave bike of the gear 'cos of some mid-2000s “Death Before Derailleur” shit or something? What a crock. Well, there’s no way I’m voting for a lesser bike so it looks like I’ll not be voting this year.

Yeh, it’s
All the other stuff is only here cos everyone here has been into sweet fixies at some point and has grown in their bike love: fixed is the whole reason this site exists.
Fixed BOTY or GTFO. No sub-cats to water down the prestige.

If we can vote for roadies on a fixed forum, I wanna vote for a bmx on bikeguide.

I like a good argue :wink:

1stly, I didn’t intend my comments in a different thread to start an argument of it’s own. I actually supported the rules set out at present but questioned whether it should always be that way. Kanye is Kanye and god help him but he is a man of passion, wears his heart on his sleeve and is a certified addict. Some of you would read his words differently if you’d met him in person, just like some of you would think I’m a jerk if you met me ( I try hard !!).

We all know it’s but things evolve. Having to stick to a fixed only BOTY is like saying the Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras is only for Gay’s & Lesbian’s. Clearly it isn’t any more. Not really about relevance or purism but things change. Just like 20/20 cricket being poo’d by the old guard who decried 1 day games and refuse to acknowledge anything other than 5 day test’s.

It’s not my (or anyone’s) call except for the site owner and perhaps the Mods’. Speaking of which I wonder how many of the Mods’ still ride a fixed gear bike? In some way I should also admit that I find very few fixed gear bikes exciting. It’s not that it’s over it’s just that it’s been saturated in the last few years, perhaps too much, and now seems overplayed and old hat. Of course, in a few years I’ll be excited about fixed gears again but if anyone here admits “fixie” isn’t somehow cliched then they have their head buried in the sand.

Rather than seeing as something literal or stipulated by the forum title, I’ve always considered it more of a movement, fresh and unencumbered by dogma and politics. Clever and ever willing to cut through the bullshit. Other cycling forums feel constrained, stifled and blinkered … I came by here because I have faith in youth, and hope you kids know where it’s at. I also acknowledge that it draws good people and fun ideas and that only happens because NickJ and the gang of Mods are both doing things right and with savvy. is cut above and ahead of the others because of it’s content, dynamism and the enthusiasm of it’s posters.

Seeing all the CX/MTB and road/touring forums on here has been a treat. It hasn’t made any less relevant, and has in large ways added to the layers and interesting cross sections of bike society. If this forum is truly devout and sacrilegious about fixed gear bikes then opening the voting parameters to bikes with gears wouldn’t matter and overwhelming Vox Populi vote would naturally lead to a fixie winning every year. Personally, It wouldn’t matter what bike was to win as long as it was the nicest bike. Nobody here would boo at seeing the best bike awarded the BOTY title. What are some of you afraid of?

btw, Categories suck !!! (Even if I get the honour of carrying the title of one of them - thanks Jase !!). A free for all, one bike winner cuts through the rubbish.

p.s. i still think the tricks forum is gay - get a bmx, and you polo kids should go back to rollerblading.

p.p.s. in saying all that I still believe that all cyclists are family

p.p.p.s. have you seen all the fucking PG13 retards and god botherers on other cycling forums !!!

I still ride fixed most of the time… But how about we look at categories next year?

But seriously, only 60 odd people have even voted anyway.

That’s a little strange. All of those proposed so far are very beautiful bikes.
Maybe voting doesn’t vibe with most peoples?

BOTY needs more cats

I think there should be a POTY (PostOTY)
This would get my vote.
Though I am one of the old guard and 20/20 is for kids who have ADHD.

Bravo old man well said!
This place has evolved a lot over the last year and it’s not all about fixies any more it’s a bout bikes and a lot of beautiful
bikes, I brought my very sweet fixie off a forum member here and sill ride the thing to work every day.

I keep in touch with the guys I met riding fixies here in Sydney and operating an illegal bar at the Deus swap meets ( soo much fun was had at those things ) but really none of us ride or view even our own fixed geared cycles with the kind of passion we now devote to roadies and perusing epic rides on the dam things.

And for the record I’d be totally torn between voting for this amazing peice of work!! Which I hope to see and fondle very soon

And this staggering masterpiece

I couldn’t give a fuck what you whimpering babies think of my bike, there are over 30 pages in that thread because it’s padded out with pages and pages of bitching about what a waste of time the project is by folk who will never ride a bike of that caliber!

It’s good to see that christmas has improved the mood of the council
of cynics