debbie's new fixie

Debbie’s new and first fixie. Old 10 speed 27 inch steel frame that cost $20 from the tip. Removed all the useless stuff, fitted white chain and whitewall tyres and she’s off. Left the brakes on cause she is still not sure about fixies.

They’ll come off soon enough, don’t you worry. Sweet ride

I like how you’ve colour co-ordinated it to match your fence :wink:

There’s always leftover paint…

What bike?? I can only see wheels, cranks, bars, seat and some cabling??? :? :?

it took a bit of work believe me. We had to take 3 bikes back to the tip before we found one that matched. :smiley:

Looks good, I’d ride it. What gearing has it got, the front ring looks large.

easy gear 52-20

chameleon fixie! Nice one