Decal removal from under clearcoat


I just bought a bianchi hipsta frame second hand for next to nothing and don’t really fancy being a rolling billboard for their brand.

Is there a cheap and easy way to remove the decals from under the clearcoat? They seem pretty well attatched.

Thanks in advance for any help,

I used the pressure washer at my local carwash to remove the stickers off my surly. Worked a treat.

you might want to try using a hairdryer to heat it, it’s worth a shot, i’ve heard it works great on motorbike decals.

i dunno about this clearcoat business, but a hairdryer is great for softening the adhesive on the backing of stickers for an easy peel.

Then use some eucalyptus oil on a clean rag to remove any adhesive residue.

Non of those methods will worjk if there is a clear coat over the stickers unless you want a messy finish…
The bikes look good withn them on, personally i think they look little shitty without, bit bland + bianchi make a good bike, its not like theyre a roadstar or something

If you could find some spray on paint stripper it will stripe the clearcoat off. Then you can apply the hairdryer method…this only apply to chrome pista.

Awesome i might give this a try. Thanks.