Advice required.

I’m applying the finishing touches to a bike for my missus.

I want to put some text on the down tube.

It’s a plain frame that I am not going to get painted. I’m not going to pull it apart, as it is in good mechanical repair at present.

What should I use given the above.

I thought stickers might be the go?
If so, where can I source some to my required text?



There is a stand in Vic Market that cuts vinyl stickers. They have their own fonts that you can make a graphic from or you can provide them with an .eps file to cut.

Any idea what days they are there? Where abouts?
Approx cost?
Time frame to produce?

I’m not a Vic Market regular, but on a Saturday ride many months ago, we managed to walk up and down the aisles of the ‘junky’ (not the food section) area of the market and find them pretty easily.

Cost: no idea, sorry. I go the impression that he could produce vinyl cut stickers on the spot, with not too much wait.

From memory that guy quoted ~$15 for an A5’ish sheet with pretty much what ever we wanted. Multi colors are a bit harder for him to do and a lot more exxy.

You could also check with some sign writers Lats…

Nearly any signwriter with a shopfront does vinyl cut stickers these days, in any font you could want. I had half a dozen made up for my kid’s BMX recently at a shop near me - $10 the lot (single colour) and ready in an hour.