Ebony & Ivory - new livery …

nice decals rogaine :slight_smile:

Yes please. :sunglasses:

me too.

those from the asian guy at southbank markets?
for people in brisbane, there is a guy at the southbank markets that does die cut stickers in pretty much any font, and any size you want, as well as any color.
fairly cheap, and good quality.
and if people want something made, and know the exact size and font style they want i will get them for you. after i price them for you of course :slight_smile:

They would be way cool made from the reflective stuff.

he’s the man

also got a set done for the GEFSCO - wee bit small, but sexy!

the small size of the lettering and the dots make “the anticoast” one difficult for him

suggest we get an order together and send it for him to do at his leisure rather than “while-you-wait”

whats the cost like??

$7 a side for “the anticoast” style - the size and the dots are a PITA - maybe if we co-ordinate an order and let him do it at his leisure, rather than “while-you-wait” may get 'em down a bit

how 'bout working out a quantity from melb and we’ll do the same up here and then see??

dunno that mass order is all that attractive for fiddly job tho!?!

Looks good.

For us Melbourne peeps, there is a guy in Vic market who also does custom stickers. I haven’t managed to get over there to find him - perhaps one of you north-side guys has?

the stickers i had made last time were from if it is of any use. they were stickers though, not decals, however they were i think about $35AUD for 100. have a look at their site though, they may do decals etc.

ciao, n