Decent pannier racks (rear) for non-eyeletted frames (?)

Does such a thing exist and if so, any recommended?

(edit: frame is disc only)

Been trawling and haven’t found anything other than those Topeak things that clip on the seatpost but I might be looking in all the wrong places.

Old Man Mountain do axle mounted. Tubus also do an adapter kit for axle mounting. I have the Tubus on a disc frame and it works great.

Regular panniers plus p-clips? Works great with fenders, should go ok with panniers, maybe not with super heavy loads.

I’ve always backpacked it but I’m considering crossing over to the beardy side. I had to google ‘p-clips’ … s’pose that could work for commuting, just a change of clothes & maybe a lappy.

Axle all the way. Don’t waste time/money faffing about like I did.

You can get them off ebay pretty cheap, eg: Mikalor W1 Steel Epdm Rubber Lined Hose Pipe P Clip Retaining Cable Wire Tube UK | eBay, but probably also at your local hardware.

They hold pretty well.

Think I’ve got a couple spare you can have for nix, Cap’n.

I think I do…I’ll have to check.

Just been out to look it over…as well as discs it’s got sliding dropouts with nuts & bolts & stuff all over them which the axle mounts I looked up probably won’t clear.

I’ve got a topeak one which is awesome. Super commuter DX? Or similar. Super something something X. I’m not 100% sure on the X bit either.


you sure? those old man mountain ones have heaps of clearance

Tubus Disco, seems made for it and then use p-clamps on the seat stays.

tubus - Disco

Free loader? Now by Thule

yeah looked those up…system looks good but some $$$ required (typical Thule) $169 for rack, $199 each for the matching Thule Pannier

Tried a few, found one - Racktime Addit fits easy and clears everything with (almost) no farnarkling.

Thanks to Scott and Michael at St Kilda Cycles for patient, helpful service.