Deep V commuter wheelset

Long time to wait. :stuck_out_tongue:

Too long do you think? I reckon eBay can sometimes be hard when trying to decide on an auction length: Too short and not enough people will get to see it; too long and the people who saw it on day 1 have found bigger and better things…oh well.

so mtb hubs and 700c rims… good for a Surly Karate Monkey?

They’d work perfect on a Karate Monkey.

EDIT: There’s also some other wheels up there at the moment, in particular a set of black B43s with white spokes, and a lime green set of deep vs. They turned out really nice! Just go to the bottom of the page and there should be a scrolling gallery.

Could you run a fixed sprocket on the disc brake mount like this?

That’s pretty interesting, I haven’t seen one of those before… I don’t see why not? The disc brake mounting and spacing conforms to an ISO standard, so I’d say that’d work if you wanted it to.

hey wheelworks

i really like that colour combination, red with TI Grey

i am looking for a set for my singlespeed unfortunately

but thanks for the link it has confirmed the colour combo i want

check them on a red frame and i reckon they would look awesome

It wouldnt work on a track frame as the spacing is 120mm wide, the width of them would be to wide.

use a front mtb disc hub 100mm and respace/axle to 120mm. will try and find old link to UK outfit that sells these polished and ready to rock.

Sounds good ^^^ and yeah, the spacing of the rear hub is 135mm, so it’s not gonna fit, unless you could respace the rear axle.

Wow - they went for more than i would have thought.

People must really love their hybrids (700c with 135mmm OLD), or have a crazy fetish for putting road wheels on a mtb…

Didn’t you know man, pimped hybrids are the next big thing.

I’ve already started anodizing bells in mad colours, setting up a stall on the yarra river track.