anybody attending the Deez Nuts show at the Corner on Sat. night??
I will be there, i will be drunk.

Rep your hood.

kinda annoyed i missed the show other week here in bris :frowning:

have seen jj every other time he has toured,

its good to see some people on here have good musical taste :wink:

are you baiting me?

not at all, more the dubfags

you know i listen to alot of stuff that you like, just listen to alot of stuff you dont like as well :stuck_out_tongue:

if your not doing anything tonight come see mary jane kelly with support from DROPSAW, HOPELESS, ’THE DREAM, THE CHASE’

rep your hood :wink:

Ive seen you running that shirt in a couple of clips, nice work. :smiley:

Yeah, i havnt been getting too much live stuff lately, so it will be a dangerous environment for my welcome back to good times :evil:

I went to school with JJ. Good dude. Really nice guy. Still.

Ah, Willunga High School.

id have to agree there,

despite his appearance and the “front” of deez nuts, he is a really nice down to earth genuine guy. I emailed back and forth with him for a while trying to find out details of who he got to make his new era style caps, and he was always polite and friendly and i was just some dude emailing him.

And i think thats the appeal of all his musical projects, they are just made for people to have a good time, and yeah, everyone that goes to his shows knows that, and hey, we all got a little ghetto in us… dont we? :mrgreen:

going to this, but thanks.

last night ruled. tonight will rule too.

except for johnson :stuck_out_tongue:

this is a joke thread right…right?

what a horrendous band

thats nice, yawn,

if you dont like it why feel the need to post?? im sure you guys listen to some pretty questionably shitty music IMHO :wink:

also, you guys DO know its all a bit of fun/joke dont you?? DN isnt now and was never started to be anything but a bit of fun and shouldnt be taken too seriously.

your opinion is invalid :slight_smile:

Lets talk about Bitches
I’m talking about 36, 24, 36 inches
Now fellas dont act all pollitcally correct
Please correct me if im wrong
But you do have a dick That means you like fuckin
A nice tight one to tuck in. if you’re lucky bust a nut in
There aint a damn thing wrong with that
There aint a grown man who dont like to hit it from the back

If you’re fucking with them sluts
Start better fuckin with them rubbers
Before your ass gets sick
Sex sells, Someones gotta pay the bills
Go on, get your kicks

I must apologize to all the mothers and sisters
But its the truth, dudes like to fuck bitches

Most dude like a broad with class
But they’ll still fuck a slut, just to get a piece of ass
Type of girls dont matter how old
Skirt so fucking short, their firstborn gonna catch a cold
You think that shit will help you meet a man?
Yeah, he’ll fuck you and leave, and never call again
Most guys arent looking arent looking for a soul mate
Some girls would poke their fucken eyes out for a blind date

Your young have some fun, go live your life
Just remember you cant make a ho a housewife


ok… we get it will, you love the band…

so much :roll:

hey, instead of hashing this out for the billionth time here on, how about just searching “hessians” or “herbs” on BGO or SBM (or YG, which is apparently the “new SBM”).

go on! lotta laughs there!

yep, that ought to do it.