I’d buy one, wicked design.

id love it as a sticker or yeah as a print pretty sweet

nice one, if i can get a bunch of people interested i will do a trial on some nice thick stock and post a photo of it.

Thanks for the feedback too guys!

can you get it printed on a shirt? :slight_smile:


That’s very nice work… I’d buy it on a t shirt.

Speaking of which, paging Powdah, what happened to the pink potato print??

nice image though, would look great on a hoodie

that is so rad I want it for a tattoo

well, i hope that nobody would rip it off.
thats just the nature of any artwork i guess, and thanks Riggor for planting that seed in many minds! :slight_smile:

death before shimano for sure.

i’ll take c-record 1st gen derailleur over death anyday :wink:

you might just need gears for the upcoming ‘GLOBAL GUTZ’ ride.

I find it funny that at least 2 of the respondents who said they wanted it ride gears on a regular basis. Kenny… Gypo :roll:

Fuckin oath i ride gears. And i wear lycra :slight_smile: and fucking proud of it! ahhaa
I just reckon its a sweet design. I love it. and would wear it.

Death before Shimano FTW! :-o Thats right Bender! Eat my crumb you filthy shimano riding foooool :evil:


Just ask Dave how good that Campy quality is :oops: :evil:

thats funny, I referenced the image of a Shimano derailleur, i was gonna replace the “dura-ace” printed on it with “do-ya-race”.

Its not an attack on gears either! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just felt like having a dig, sorry for the hijack. Looks good.

i’d go Jap before i’d go I-tal anyday

Too hairy?

HA! i seen that one comin!

With that 2736 × 3648 source image, anyone who wants a shirt of it probably has it on the way to the printers by now. I’d be interested in a B&W tube sticker though - a derailleur in an open coffin with a few swords through it would look awesome. Brakes next! (what about a cartoon derailleur out on the street selling pencils?)

More Brad gold :smiley: