This frame has seen a few owners now I think including Gyp and Dubrat.

Wheels - Phil Woods laced to high polished Deep V’s
Seat post - Campag
Cranks and chain ring - Sugino 168mm
Saddle - San Marco Concur
Nitto bars and stem - Nitto
Headset - Tange
Pedals - Campag
Bars wrapped with very faded cloth tape…might try red at a later stage

Very well put together, the angles just seem to work.

Beautiful bike mate, love the paint on this thing.
What size is it?

fuck i love this thing. paintjob is unreal and the fastback stays are some of the nicest I’ve seen. Looks real nice from the back.

56 square

Love it

Was always down 4 this badboy. Lucky man.


Not one thing I can pick on - classicaly perfect.

For a man that posts three times/year, that’s one hell of a compliment!!

Yeah I do love this bike, I found it in western Sydney,
Gypsy picked it up and we sold it to Dubrat as it had some parts I needed and done he needed.
It is a classic paint job and looks great. It’s travelled a lot in the last 12 months.

Reading between the lines I think all you Qld cats are gonna start wife swapping !!

You want in?

These bikes probably see more time then the wives :slight_smile:

True haha

Nicer ride?

I could say 1000 one liners, but I won’t.

ftfy :wink:

Not really, quite happy with what I have … but in saying that Dubrat’s Mrs.’ is a nurse …

So am I Ben!