design a new bike lock in one hour competition

if any of you have an idea, might be worth sketching it up

Doors close:
Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Theft Proof Bicycles

We all remember when our first Huffy was stolen. The realization that some lazy-eyed cretin had stripped away our freedom all for the purpose of a 15 minutes joy ride hit us like a ton of bricks. Maybe that was just me, but no one can argue that bike theft is rampant. A recent discussion on the Core77 Blog about a Biomega bike that attempts to turn the whole bike into the bike lock is the inspiration for our latest 1HDC incarnation. Can you design a better bike lock in one hour or less? Push aside that looming deadline and pick up your Sharpies….its 1HDC time again! What can you bring to the table to prevent more Huffy Heartache?

A $200 gift certificate at Harris Cyclery:

Good to see the budding industrial designers placing <a href=“”>fixies</a> in their concept sketches… :evil:

Imagine sticking a D lock on your front aerospoke haha!!

yeah i saw that one and laughed too, still, good work to cad up a bike in an hour, if thats what they did,

i made one, it’s ok. good fun

big size:

for the win