Design dudes Help needed with Vitus Decals

Since I suck at all things design or computer related I thought I would ask for some assistance…

I need to recreate these decals and I was hoping someone would know the font or be able to assist in redesigning and senting me a file to have them printed…

I will paypal $$ for a 6pack or 2 to the rad dude that assists…

Spirito’s pics are the only ones I have as the decals were removed by the owner after it was sold on…



vitus decals | eBay

Vintage Vitus 992,979,Carbon Frame and Fork Decals YELLOW New | eBay

Yeah saw those but was kinda keen on bringing it back to factory spec with the Cabone VitusPlus decals

more pics of decals now in here

Vitus Carbone 7 Track pictures by DUBRAT - Photobucket

… still have the Alfa (miniature 105 series), signed Merckx pic (team Fiat) but not the Harden bacon slicer hubs.

Good luck with the decals bro - lemme know I may have some better side on pics with larger rez.

they are cool decals.

i can’t quiet see the finer details, but looks like they should be pretty straightforward to vinyl cut.

post up some higher res direct shots of the decals themselves. i’m happy to have a stab at some traces, but i’m just a hack. sure someone here has the chops to do it proper.

Dubrat, how much detail are you looking into? I’ve noticed that there are like hairline splits in the text. The main logo (vitus) shouldn’t be too hard to trace, It’s just the other stuff i can’t see too well (carbone).

Are you just looking at having the text logo (vitus) on the top tube & seat. Let me know and I’ll have a crack tonight if I can get 5 mins. I might be able to trace it properly from the ebay link as well.

Seems the original decals didn’t have the hairline splits like the others

here is a better pic of Spirito’s

only chasing the top tube seat tube and headtube decals…

thanks dudes

Depending on how exact you want them to be – I had a look at the eBay decals and I don’t think they are the same - look at the ‘i’ and the ‘s’ looks a little different too – it’s not by much but there is a slight difference. But saying that the eBay ones are much better reference and would be easier to trace.

Should be able to get it done tonight! Can do the whole lot no probs.

If anyone else can get a cracking on this, here’s a bunch of images for tracing references.

Some more pics if that helps … unfortunately I’d already shrunk the pic size for ebay and dumped the originals so don’t have an higher res. than what’s below.

You dudes are legends…

pm sent.

Legend Henri

Cheers buddy

Looks good! Glad someone was able to jump on it quickly. Just one thing, do you reacon the letter width of the ‘u’ on the seat tube might be a bit wide?

Possibly, I figured it was best to work off the decal sheet in the images above, I assume they are the right proportions :stuck_out_tongue: won’t know until it’s cut!