Design meets bike - cranky replies only*

aka “hand meets penis” :wink:

Awsome design!

that Michael young is a genius!

Just think on your way home decide to get something from the shop put it on your rear rack, now none can see your rear light, well thought through!

It looks like a bicycle, just like all the other fucking bicycles. And there will still be cunts riding them… Designers and Engineers make me sad :cry: Waste of good oxygen

And with that you’ve raised the hackles of around half of the community :smiley:

Good to see you posting more often Craig, you inject some much needed vitriol.


Random sample of other vehicles on the site:

The Shark Car

Not only is visibility scuppered with that supertinting - the ‘intuitive’ throttle is wired counter-intuitively. Oh and all ‘interactions’ over 10km/h with pedestrians are fatal. Yay!

Doesn’t look like you’d even need to put anything on the rack

This pin-head is just like all the other pin-head ‘designers’ with their ‘new concept for a new generation’ ergo- fucking nomic vomit.
I say stand 'em up against a wall wall and shoot em with a ball of their own shit.

Oxygen thieves the lot of them.

And then there is this one

prior art, anyone?

Lol, nice find!

wern’t some of those thinbgs whizzing around at the Olympic closing ceremony?