DESIGN OUR KIT - Gear Brisbane Competition!

Gear Brisbane has been open for over two years now and its time we got some cycling kit made up! Because Erik is a useless dutchman and i am also quite hopeless at photoshop its been decided that a competition be run to get our shop kit designed. If you have skillz and design fresh as sheeet, then we want to hear from you. Email us at and we will send you out the templates for a jersey and bibs and our shop logos.

Best design as judged by us, wins a $250 voucher! You can go as crazy as you want. Here’s some jerseys we like for inspiration…

Erik loves his old school bmx racing kits…

I like this sorta design…

-------------DEADLINE IS THE 17th APRIL------------
-------------DEADLINE IS THE 17th APRIL------------
-------------DEADLINE IS THE 17th APRIL------------
-------------DEADLINE IS THE 17th APRIL------------
-------------DEADLINE IS THE 17th APRIL------------

print this on lycra and its finished

you can send my cheque c/- JLN NOT ZLTN

Winner !!! (I’d buy it).

GT inspired Kit would be “RAD” :wink:

I’ll be hassling you guys for a set.

Forget the $250 retail voucher offered … instead please send half a bag of razzle to AlexB c/o Jln Zltn as he inspired me to go one better :wink: I’ve gone out of my way to present you with the ultimate design. You may have to ask Mr. Onitsuka to make them shoes to accept SPD cleats.

Stylin’ no?

Here’s some more inspiration

And of course it’s always good to look back at those purveyors of Style that influnced a whole generation of club kids to rock the gear for no other reason except that it looked cool.




i love the look on bruce’s face…

" seriously dude STOP or i will kill you…"

this gentleman was a bit ahead of his time. put some clear lens ray bans and a full sleeve tat on him and he’s all set to be a worldwide alleycat destroyer

That pic always reminds me of CraigC … never met him but that’s the picture I have in mind, I’m sure I’m way off mark but whatev’s.

I’m more impressed that Melle Mel is rocking a Bud Light cycling jersey with Giordana, Diadora & Eddy Merckx logo’s. I have a pic somewhere of one of the dudes from Bad Brains also rocking cycling jerseys in the early 80’s but can’t find it right now.

And a beard.

hi guys just wondering if you posted my voucher today, thanks!

I … uh … umm … err … Love You !!! Not in a gay way or anything (unless I was really drunk).

we could start gangs miyagi’s men and cobra kai.
On the back of the cobra kai skeletons a big Fear does not exist in this dojo.
Its a winner

yeah, where’s my cheque?

i always thought that alexb618 was jolan’s sarcastic alter ego. has anyone ever seen them in a room together? huh?

Yeah, Handsome James, Creaky, CHISM, Big Chipper, Fresh and -tim (and maybe even BPM) can all testify that me and alexb618 are not the same person.

Thank god.

never heard of 'em.

Visit the Adelaide section…

EDIT: I might actually give this a shot. Seriously.

You can send JLN’s thingo via me