DESIGN OUR KIT - Gear Brisbane Competition!

That’s like, the simple one.

This is my second favourite so far

i am sure you are not the 1st person to dream about this

isn’t that a photo at the top of the page?

Tasmanians much???

WTF is going on between the (Step?)dad/Uncle and the little girl?

if they are from tassie (see map on right for proof) then they are clearly also brother and sister!

or husband & wife

This isn’t legit 80’s bmx epicness!

I used a logo I made a few years ago and just threw the Gear shop bit the middle.

I still think it needs a few tweaks - I am unsure of the shoulder pads.

Quick & dirty!

Dear client, when is the deadline?

Can’t believe how much interest we’ve had and are pretty stoked on what people are going to come back with!

-------------DEADLINE IS THE 17th APRIL------------

The brief is pretty open.

Needs to have our logo on it obviously.

Leave room for sponsors on the 3 pockets on the rear of jersey

Colours - Up to the designer

Hey Eric/Gypsy any chance of just putting the kit outline and logo up here then we’ll all grab it might save you a million emails.

We love getting emails, that’s no problem.
Thanks for all your creativity, I’m amazed by all the interest!
You can do what you want with the design, even on the pockets, there are no sponsors at the moment, if there is somebody who wants their name on it for big $$$ we might make some room in discussion with the designer.

And for an earlier poster

Fox Skeptic E/S Flannel Flannel - Flame Red - Cleanline Surf Shop

Personally we used to buy them at Target but maybe some one wants a $44USD flannel made by a bike company!

My lunchtime effort a couple of days ago… just a simple jersey.

i really like that. nice and simple.

here’s a design from some of my mates and their views on riding bikes…

Didn’t someone say somewhere else that you should get some new friends? I think you should take their advice.

EDIT: No sorry, my mistake… it was to let your friend know to stop spending so much time at the solarium.