design suggestion for a "kit"

where can I get one :sunglasses:

The Dandy boy Cycling guild

this is a contest right?

we have a winner

Im actually in the market for a jersey as i cant to find anymore fat cyclists ones.

I wouldnt mind a / anticoast jersey?

I wouldve though we have plenty of designers on the board that could do up something nice?

need a sweet get-up like this one, note the aero helmet and co-ordinated bike.

pardon my MSpaint skills, dont have photoshop.

here’s an idea: stop.

yeh gotta agree here. I don’t wanna wear some sexist slogan. That said, a genuine kit could be great, and i would certainly purchase one.

further to our discussion of dazzle skinsuits, and me remembering an article about how despite all the photo’s of dazzle camo being black and white, the ships were actually painted in vibrant clashing colours, i present a moodboard for your consideration



shit like this that makes LAM’s signature relevant…

tell me more about these moodboards…

well, here’s is a bad-moodboard…

This^^ I gotta agree. And the beautiful irony of wearing it while out on the roadie… brings tears to the eye.

i’m liking the hand drawn shirt with do a skid on the back and on the front think it should have anti coast on it somewhere :wink:

No, you’re wrong. you like the Dazzle Ships.


wow, folks around here have short memories…,1530.0.html

what they said +

It has to be wrong in some way, and it can’t be desiigned by a committee. Given that brief of irreverence and ego, mix in some maverick epithets and I could almost predict finalizing just one design would be impossible. It’d have to have some Jekyll/Hyde element to that.

I couldn’t give a shit to wear any other .com kit but if it would spin some money into the coffers here I’d pony up some cash for a jersey. Just make it loud … :wink:

oh yeah … Mapei jersey artwork was/is killer and I’ve always wanted Steve Jones’ T-Shirt in lycra ?