Designer Jose Hurtado’s Tandem For a Utopian Future

Concept Bike – Designer Jose Hurtado’s Tandem For a Utopian Future - Bike Rumor

FFS, designers and hubless wheels…

Nosp oke

This. Why do ‘designers’ dislike spokes so much?

All the extra time required to render them.

Creating a solution for a problem that doesn’t exist


Maybe they should model them in ultra matte black so there aren’t any reflections.

Yeah good call.

These bicycle concepts really annoy me though.
a) No regard to function or real-life feasibility
b) Hubless wheels are a design cliché which any designer worth their salt should stay well clear of.
c) Industrial design student focusing way too much on the form. A decent ID student at least considers the engineering side of things.
d) Utopian future? Please, get a grip on reality, especially someone who lives in debt-ridden Spain.


I think you guys a being too harsh.

His design of the center wheel would totally allow for a tandem recumbent application.

Didn’t we instigate a “No posting bullshit renders” rule?

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