Des's Quote of the Day

If your stuck in a rut, and you cant get out of it, look for Des for inspiration to get you through your day.

Here are a few:

1 - “Bike racism” does not help. Put your time and energy into riding instead.

2 - I just ride my bike. I don’t really care for how bikes themselves look these days.

3 - The beauty of a bike is in its rider, the image of a person in control of their machine

4 - Pretty bikes become very ugly when they are not ridden well.

5 - It’s pretty much up to you how far you want to ride.

6 - If you truely love your bike and the style that you are riding, does it really matter what you are labelled as?

7 - If you are happy riding YOUR bike, enjoying YOUR ride, who cares if someone else is a “poser”?

8 - That is all … class dismissed.

LOVE YA DES! :smiley:


HAHAHA crack up, Dessy you are an inspiration to us all mate :wink:
Simple, elegant and straight to the point.

Ha GOLD! :smiley:

Seriously, I think we can all learn some wisdom from the Desman.

Don’t forget the photo:

Spider Des, Spider Des
Does whatever a Spider Des does
Can he spin a web?

Yo Des, can you spin a web?

Des is also king of the Zombie Monkeys as well

Better get him drunk so he lets down his guard then I can start my coup.


Looks like I’m the center of attention for today.

Yes. I’m an evil little spider.

No. I don’t spin webs. My under-spider-lings do that for me.

The last I heard, King of the Zombie Monkeys was John unless he got drunk again and the Monkeys made me King instead.

No need to get me drunk John. Mammals are too complicated for me. You can have your Kingly position back. I’d rather be King of the Spiders.


Can you walk on ceilings though?

Spider Des is also an alleged ‘media whore’ as well.

Best line of the indepth and probing interview, "I work as a scientist. Yup I’m not just a bike nerd. I’m a NERD. Period.


Now fly my pretties, fly!

Stupid zombie monkeys, I said fly nagdamnit!

What’s that, you don’t have wings? You’re just zombie monkeys? Well, you’re never going to be a flying zombie monkey with that attitude are you?

Everyone has their 15mins Craig …

Ahh, WTF is with this obsession, have i missed something?

Sorry Des this was supposed to be a thread about your words of wisdom that has somehow turned into a thread about strange zombie monkeys - i am confused

Don’t worry Damo. It’s all fun and good.


Keep up Damoh! It’s not about Des at all.

It’s all about the learning to fly zombie monkeys.

I have a whole wall and a shrine devoted to Des in my shed. I’ll have to get more pictures of him though because I have stabbed all the eyes out of the photographs. :cry: those eyes, they keep looking at me, make them stop …the eyes, aaahhhhhhhhhh!!!

Des is not the messiah, he is just a very naughty boy!

Des = zen.



Sodium valporate for this patient I think Dr.