Deus Swap Meet 15/8/09

I know this is a bit far fetched but does anyone know the guy that was trying to sell a 170mm Miche Crank Set at the Swap meet? If so please PM me.

Why you asking? I sold a 170mm Miche crank set including two chainrings that day

I’m just kicking myself for not buying it that day. Didn’t think I would need it but I do now.

sorry to hear mate. Couldn’t believe how fast some parts were moving. After a good hour or so I was pretty much left with only two Campa Omega rims and two Modolo levers. I did very fair prices though.


anyone know when the next one is happening?? annoyed i missed this one

Would also be keen to attend the next swap meet :slight_smile:

January I heard from Piero, just keep a look out I’m sure there will be no shortage of advertising here and there. Or check their web-site, it’ll be up there for sure.